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How to Invest in Gold

Days of the 49ers are over investing in gold is easy these days.

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Roth IRA – Part 1

I have had some people asking me about the Roth lately so I thought I would put together a few posts about it. There are a lot of confusing articles out there about Roth details and also what the upcoming changes are in Jan 2010.

This post is part 1 of 3 and lays out advantages of the Roth and current qualifications and limits.

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How to Short the Stock Market

3 Ways to short the stock market.

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Hedge Against Your 401k

Most 401k programs out there don’t allow the investor to have very much flexibility in terms of investments. This is especially true with the ability to short the market. When confronted with a bear market 401k investors are forced to flee to safety in very low returning “savings account” type funds. This should not be your only option. Opening a separate individual account online is very simple with today’s user friendly websites and opens up the world of shorting to anyone. This gives an investor the ability to at least hedge against a falling market and maybe end up making money in a down year.

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