Chrysler Dealerships Eliminated – Detroit Dilema Starting To Come To Your Town

Today Chrysler announced that it’s closing 789 Dealers or 25% of their total dealers across the United States.  Below is a list of all those dealers and their locations.chrysler11

The trickle down effect from the struggling auto makers is only beginning in terms jobs lost as more people will be out of work across the country vice just in Michigan.  Just what everybody needs is car salesmen in the unemployment line…yikes.  No offense to car salesmen… ha.

Chrysler has been in business since 1925 and made it through all of the recessions along the way.  Now just like Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, and so many other American mainstays they are being thrown in the scrap heap.  That is a fundamental reason why this is not your typical recession that will end as quickly as everyone is forecasting.

Fun fact: Chrysler was formerly on the NYSE under the ticker C prior to the 1998 acquistion by Daimler… Im thinking after Citigroup goes under people might want to stay away from the C ticker.

Chrysler Dealers

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  1. Looks like GM started the process of eliminated dealerships today … one day after Chrysler. 1100 GM dealerships!

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