Naked Hedge Fund Weekly

Below is a PDF with the NHF weekly.  Click on it for the 2 page report.


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9 Responses to “Naked Hedge Fund Weekly”

  1. NHF,
    You state that the US is able to ‘borrow’ money at low rates – but you fail to mention that the rates remain low because teh fed is buying the bonds themselves to create the demand. Otherwise, rates would skyrocket.

  2. Definitely agree on the means that they are making it happen… taking from one pocket and putting it into the other.

    Just as long as we keep the printer well oiled everything will be great. 😉

    • …But there is no “printer”. The money we use isn’t currency, it’s credit/debt.

      Therefore any new money created is debt needed to be serviced.

      If that money also doesn’t get out and circulate, then that’s a bigger problem.

  3. i like the newsletter. do you plan to publish every week?

    thank you very much

    • Thanks glad you like it. Planning on publishing every week… hopefully it helps gain some more visitors… need more clicks on google ads to keep this party going… or maybe a tip jar.. but I hate those things

      • Ami fenn van, az nekem úgy sikerült, ahogy le van ív-vrfotózaa, ha van valami kérdésed, írj nyugodtan a blogos e-mail címre!De jó hogy eszembe juttattad ezt s ütit Eszter! Már nagyon régen csináltam és ez pont tökéletes munkanap utáni kelt-tészta vacsora 🙂

      • We did not say otherwise…we just explained why was Adel Karam chosen as the spokesperson for RFL. And since this is a GOLDEN Hour then I think they should tag their work with the price that is worth it…that’s all.

  4. work on getting your web site to return at the top of a “free investment newsletter” google search.

    hopefully you make a lot more $ in your NHF than in clicks. 🙂

    best of luck trading. i’m betting the 2009 top was wednesday.

    • Is that what people search for the most?

      Yeah the clicks is more of a question of time put in vs output. Investments are a completely different ball game unrelated to the NHF … a lot more trading compared to the longer trend NHF that we present here.

      wednesday top could be right.. its fitting with our post on the long term resistance level between $111-112

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